Learn the Basics of Do it Yourself Commercial Door Installation

When it comes to commercial door installation, be sure to first identify, and then purchase, commercial doors that are safe and secure and which also provide a more welcoming feel. There are several factors that need to be addressed before purchasing commercial doors, including the safety aspect, the ease of access, as well as their aesthetics. Well chosen doors can do a lot to improve commercial operations, as they will create a good first impression in the minds of clients that walk in to your business premises.

Actually, commercial door installation is not difficult and anyone with rudimentary skills can do the work on their own. At the same time, it does pay to understand that this kind of door installation is not the same as is the case for residential doors. Therefore, you should only try installing commercial doors if you have sufficient knowledge about the proper methods.

The actual door installation procedure requires attaching hinges to the frame of the door. Then, you will need to take out fifty percent of the hinge that belongs to the door and follow this up by attaching hinge leafs to the door which can be done by using proper screws. Now it is time to do the aligning of the hinge leafs and then you need to drop the pins and tap them into place with the help of a hammer.

Make any necessary adjustments to the hinges which is then usually followed by installation of the lock set. Be careful about how you go about the installation of the doors as these are known to be very heavy.

Also, remember that the door frames will need to be shimmed level but without setting them plumb until after the installation of the drywall. If the installation is done by an experienced hand, the entire installation of the commercial door can be completed in just fifteen minutes.


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