Residential doors are not just there to give you privacy. They serve other functions in your daily life such as providing protection against intruders and weather. They also allow additional air and light into your house and serve as passageways or entryways to various rooms or areas in your property.


A basic door design involves a frame made of some materials that is hung at a certain angle, secured by hinges, allowing it to swing. Its basic features are handles and latching mechanism. Sliding, folding or recessed residential doors are just some design innovations that you could find on the market.


We are equipped to install a variety of doors, these include:


  • Interior doors. These are doors that are installed within the different areas of the house. They serve as separators and dividers.


  • Exterior Doors. These doors are entryways to the main house or to the back of the house; they are mostly located on the inside of the home, transitioning to the outside location.


  • Garage doors. A typically single panel glass door with an operating mechanism that serves as a doorway from your car space and the outside. There are three sub-types of garage doors: single panel, sectional and roller doors.


  • Storm doors. Secondary doors that has the primarily objective of protecting the inside of the room from bad weather and allowing ventilation and the air to circulate. Frequent materials for storm doors are window screens to keep insects out or glass panels to increase visibility from the outside.


  • Patio doors. (Also called a sliding glass door) These are residential doors that move sideways and are either single or double paneled. The technology behind patio doors is a movable panel against a frame.


  • Front doors. (Also called entrance doors) Doors that are built in front of the house or serve as the entrance of the house.


  • Screen doors. A door that is used to protect against the elements (humidity, snow, sun) and can be made from aluminum or wood. Other options are available through our custom residential doors service.


At H & M Windows Gallery we strive for complete customer satisfaction on every door installation job I undertake. We go out of my way to keep my rates competitive, all the while working to maintain the high standards for our customers have come to expect.


We understand that new doors are a significant investment, and we will take the time to walk you through your options so that you come away satisfied with your selection.


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