Solution for Patio Glass Door Replacement

Glass patio door replacements are a common form of door repair but often lead to complications if installed incorrectly. If your sliding glass patio doors need to be replaced, call us and we’ll take care of it.


It’s important to let the professionals to take care of something like sliding glass patio doors. Any wrong miscalculation can cause a good amount of damage to the door. Instead of wasting time and money installing one by yourself using DIY tips, let us handle it, and we’ll make sure it’s installed correctly. That’s why our experts are here to install it for you. They have many years of experience, and are sure to install your patio door in no time.


As glass specialists, we want to provide the best price for glass repair and replacements for your home. HM Window Gallery’s door installation team is capable of installing anything door related. Just give us a call, and we’ll help install your sliding glass patio door.

When To Replace Your Home’s Exterior Glass

  • Would you know the signs of when it is time to replace the glass in your windows and doors?

If you spot crack or chip in your windows. A crack or chip may not be directly felt when your door is in use but it can affect how the light passes through. Small pests can also find its way towards the inside through a crack or chip.


Change in temperature. Feeling a draft or feeling hotter than you are used to is another sign that your door is not fitting its frame. The objective of a sliding glass patio door is to protect you from the elements and if it is not doing that, then it is probably time for a change.


Door gap. A door gap can compromise the entryway’s protection. This could mean that a room can freeze or overheat if the air escapes the room through the gap. Door gaps indicate that there is an overestimation of the door frame. HM Gallery provides door estimate as part of our service.


Condensation build-up. Along with a change of temperature, this is one sign to look out for. Excess moisture can be dangerous when left unattended. This could lead to the insulating system not being able to properly work. It can force you to pay more for your electric bill–not to mention can cause health issues and damage to your house.


Also, problems with exterior and sliding glass patio doors may be a concern. Don’t wait until the last minute to replace them.

Give us a call as soon as possible before anything else happens. Our expert technicians are sure to fix the problem.

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